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Seeds Like Ashes (The Toasted Skin Remix) [DBSK; Jaejoong/Junsu]

Title: Seeds Like Ashes (The Toasted Skin Remix)
Author: maskyouwear
Summary: “Huh,” Kim Junsu replies and holds his leg out so the boot is in full view, shielding the sun, “were they on sale?”
Fandom: DBSK
Rating: PG-13
Original story: Seeds Like Ashes by x_voracity
Notes: I thank certain people for constant pestering and reassurance.

The key misses the lock twice and when Jaejoong finally unlocks the door, hand slipping on the door knob, the rain finally lets up and he can hear the mocking laughter of the sun shining down on his soaking back. His socks leave wet footprints all over the wooden floor, boots left forgotten amongst branches and long grass in his haste to get home.


He finds the boots a day later, when he goes back to the field he had been previously, adorning the feet of a brightly-grinning boy.

“Kim Junsu,” the boy says from where he's sat on a fallen tree trunk when Jaejoong asks him where he found those boots. “I like these boots.”

“I like those boots too,” Jaejoong states, fingers flexing at his side. “I bought those boots.”

“Huh,” Kim Junsu replies and holds his leg out so the boot is in full view, shielding the sun, “were they on sale?” Jaejoong glares and Junsu grins back, heels kicking against the log and the sun shines a little brighter.


Somehow, between asking questions that don't get answered and trying to bargain for his boots, he ends up stripped of trousers and standing chest deep in the river with Junsu who flails in the water and laughs with overwhelming innocence.

“Stop splashing me, you're getting me wet,” Jaejoong growls, a single strand of hair plastered against his forehead and curling against his eyelashes.

“I think it's a little too late for that,” Junsu laughs and then laughs some more once Jaejoong sends a wave of water his way.

“I've never seen you before,” Jaejoong states after a second,after Junsu has stopped propelling his hands in the water and is just lying face up on the waters surface, floating effortlessly.

“Obviously haven't been looking hard enough,” and Jaejoong pinches his side hard, spreads his palm flat across Junsu's stomach and pushes him down in the water. He doesn't take pleasure in the spluttering and red-faced Junsu that resurfaces. Doesn't think too hard about how easy it is too laugh with the strange, boot-stealing boy.


“Is there something I should know?” Jaejoong asks, the long grass curving into the shape of his body, arms reaching up above him.

“No,” Junsu states simply, sliding his legs back and forth as if creating a snow angel, “the less you know the easier it will be.” Jaejoong wants to press on further but Junsu's already rolling over onto his stomach, eyes shut in pure, serene bliss as summer breeze rolls over Jaejoong's face.

He decides on staying silent and instead starts pulling blades of grass out of the ground, piling them up on top of Junsu's back.


Junsu walks with a little more spring in his step than any other ordinary person and on the third day he leads Jaejoong into the towering field of sunflowers. One moment Jaejoong's watching Junsu trail through the stems, brushing against the protruding leaves, and the next he blinks and Junsu's gone. His chest grows tight and he looks left, then right, pulling back a particularly tall sunflower before he's tackled to the ground, the sunflower stems bending under their weight.

“Boo,” Junsu whispers, hands cupped around his mouth despite the fact he's bending over Jaejoong, faces centimetres apart.

Knees each side of Jaejoong's hips, Junsu leans back slightly and shifts his hand so they're still cupped but with a gap between his thumbs for his lips to blow into. He laces his fingers and blows. A soft, low whistle comes out.
“Cool, huh?” Junsu asks muffled by his hands and whistles out another low note.

“Yeah,” Jaejoong chokes out, ignoring the strands of Junsu's hair that are inches away from his face, “awesome.” He shifts slightly, his shoulder pressing down on the bent stem of the sunflower and Junsu stiffens, hands reaching down to fist in Jaejoong's shirt.

“Careful,” Junsu says, voice too gentle for how white his knuckles are and he pulls Jaejoong off the sunflower slowly.

“Sorry,” Jaejoong mutters and with Junsu gripping onto his shirt, pulling him up, there's even less of a gap between them.

“It's okay, just be careful,” Junsu reassures and his voice is deliberate, eyes staring at a spot just blow the curve of Jaejoong's eye and the tips of their noses brush. Jaejoong nods slowly, tries to be careful but he can feel himself teetering over the edge as a thumb smooths over his lower lip.


Jaejoong's still a student, fresh faced and whiling away his summer break spread out amongst sun and lavender plants. Junsu kisses him for the first time with a thumb pressed to the curve of his neck and a smile caught in the corner of his mouth.

There are 15 missed calls on Jaejoong's cell phone from friends and a worried mother but he ignores it, too enraptured by the taste of moist, summer air.


The sky's darker than usual when Jaejoong strolls through the field, feet bare and covered in a thin layer of dirt. The field is empty save for a single bird and Junsu emerges from next to the river just as a twig snaps under Jaejoong's foot, breaking the silence.

Junsu's pale, skin grey like the sky and there's a flower tucked behind his ear, petals fanning over his cheek.

“I'm leaving soon,” Junsu says and Jaejoong runs a finger along the stem of the flower which rests behind Junsu's ear.

“I'll come see you tomorrow then,” He answers, holding the end of the stem between the tip of his thumb and finger. He twirls it slowly.

“No,” Junsu mumbles, “no, I'm leaving soon.”

“Oh,” Jaejoong falters, “oh okay,” and there's the familiarity of Junsu's thumb pressed to the curve of his neck as he kisses him again, hand at the small of his back to guide him and lower him down on the bed of grass, knee between Jaejoong's legs. The clouds part and then there's hot, scorching sun beating down on Junsu's back. Jaejoong flexes his fingers around thin air, legs coming up to wrap around Junsu's waist.

Jaejoong will regret it later once the bottom of his feet are raw and burnt from the sun and there's an empty feeling in the pit of his stomach but the pressure of finger tips has him staying in place, giving back everything he can.


Laid out on their backs, shoulders touching with sweat pooled in the creases of their arms, Junsu writes out fate in the sky with the tip of his index finger. Jaejoong closes his eyes, the orange glow on the back of his eyelids slowly fading and he takes a deep breath.

The first drop of rain lands on his nose and then his cheek and when he opens his eyes to black skies there's silence next to him and the imprint of Junsu's body on the grass is still warm.
Tags: character: kim jaejoong, character: kim junsu, fandom: dbsk, original author: x_voracity, pairing: kim jaejoong/kim junsu, remix author: maskyouwear

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