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Title: Sixth Time's the Charm (the Sexy Osaka Remix)
Author: mousapelli
Summary: Ryo thinks that Tegoshi's new magazine column is going to be a disaster; as usual, none of the other morons in either of his bands will take him seriously.
Rating: PG-13 for Tegoshi in a wig going on dates with all members.
Fandom: JE (NEWS)
Title, Author and URL of original story: peroxidepest17's Tegoshi Yuuko's Date with the Members Column.

Sixth Time's the Charm (the Sexy Osaka Remix) [Ryo/Tegoshi, PG-13]Collapse )
Title: No One Said It Would Be This Hard (The Find You in the Dark Remix)
Author: victoria p. [musesfool]
Summary: It's just the way things are--the sky is blue, water is wet, and Dean always finds Sam.
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Sam and Dean
Rating: PG
Warnings: None.
Notes: Many thanks to laurificus for the beta. AU for 4.17.
Word count: 3,720 words
Original story: It's Only Easy if You Know the Answer by wanttobeatree

No One Said It Would Be This Hard (The Find You in the Dark Remix)Collapse )

Title: Family Documents (The Multi-Generational Remix)
Author: astrogirl2
Summary: Family secrets, buried in a box.
Rating: PG
Fandom: Sarah Jane Adventures/Doctor Who
Spoilers and/or Warnings: Possible spoilers for S3 of New Who
Title, Author and URL of original story: "Family Documents" by hhertzof

Family Documents (The Multi-Generational Remix)Collapse )
Title: Displaced (The Stick to Your Gunn Overdub)
Author: Q_tip_continuum sunnyd_lite
Summary: "And there you go, tossing the f-word around. Do any of them consider you a friend? You're human. Illyria has more respect for the insects of this world than humans."
Rating: G
Word Count: 2,180
Fandom:Angel the Series
Spoilers and/or Warnings: No reference to the comics, but the whole series is fair game many bits of dialogue from the original story.
Title, Author and URL of original story: Displaced by SullenSiren Original Story

A/N: I had a lot of fun with this one, Gunn being one of my fav AtS characters. Many thanks to both sevendeadlyfun and spiralleds for betaing!

The earth was resettled in front of the granite. Not much to mark the sum of a man.Collapse )
Title: Like catching lightning (It's one in a million Remix)
Author: megyal
Summary: In which Zac Efron meets some dude in a band, which might or might not have a punctuation-mark in the name, and he actually has some fun. No, seriously.
Rating: mild R
Fandom: Bandom/RPF
Spoilers and/or Warnings: None in particular. Oh, Zac Efron.
Notes: When I first saw this story, I grinned and moved on; but I kept going back to it because I thought it was awesome and decided to give it a go. Thanks to my betas, naotalba and sobota and those I pestered for information about Panic at the Disco and Zac Efron.

Original story: the chances of feeling by catchmelike

Like catching lightning (It's one in a million RemixCollapse )
Title: Miles To Go (The Cocoa At Midnight Remix)
Author: be_themoon 
Summary: Draco Malfoy turns over on the pillow to face her and stares at her in what could only be called horror.
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Hermione, Draco
Rating: R
Spoilers and/or Warnings: Post-DH, a bit AU. Implied sex and a fair amount of swearing.
Original Story: One Drunken Mistake by melfinatheblue 
Notes: In the end, I took only the basic plot from the original story to turn it into this. I liked the idea of showing it from a different angle, showing a different possible ending, another outcome to all their squabbling. I wanted to stick the Hermione I've written about before into this situation and see what she would do - so I did. And this is what I got. Huge thanks go to my beta isiscolo , who made the story about ten times better than it would have been.

Miles To Go (The Cocoa At Midnight Remix)Collapse )
Title: Broken (Pushing Through To Tomorrow Remix)
Author: jaune_chat
Summary: (Post “Cyberwoman”) In the aftermath of Lisa’s death, Ianto can think of only one way to stay with Torchwood. Jack is willing to help, no matter what the cost.
Rating: R to NC-17 for sexual situations
Fandom: Torchwood
Spoilers and/or Warnings: Set specifically after 1x04 “Cyberwoman,” spoilers through 2x12 “Fragments.” Includes slash, dark themes, major angst
Title, Author and URL of original story: Memories and Desire by ishafel.

No one came to Torchwood on purpose.Collapse )
Title: Normal Life (Red Raspberries Remix)
Author: soda_and_capes
Summary: Sometimes, Gabriel has nightmares.
Fandom: Heroes
Pairing: Gabriel/Mohinder
Rating: R
Original Story: Bizarro World by aurilly

Normal Life (Red Raspberries Remix)Collapse )
Title: Just Breathe (The Artifact of Vision Remix)
Author: crysothemis
Summary: John's lips were icy against Rodney's, but at least he'd remembered to straighten John's head and pinch his nose shut
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: John Sheppard/Rodney McKay
Rating: PG
Spoilers and/or Warnings: Season 5 cast, no other warnings
Original Story: Not So Artificial by flyakate
Notes: Many, many thanks to my trio of betas, tex, wpadmirer, and lamardeuse

Just Breathe (The Artifact of Vision Remix)Collapse )
Title: Folding By The Numbers (A Thousand Paper Cranes Remix)
Author: topaz_eyes
Summary: It hadn't been until he started his neuro residency that he began to appreciate the similarities between protein folding and paper folding.
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: House, MD
Pairing: Foreman/Thirteen
Spoilers and/or Warnings: Takes place between "Joy to the World" and "Painless." Spoiler for "Big Baby."
Title, Author and URL of original story: By The Numbers by Bell (usomitai)
Notes: A huge, huge thank you to my beta zulu! Significant dialogue from original story.

Do you know origami?Collapse )