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11:34 am: dr_darth Professional Jealousy (The Special Delivery Remix) Stargate Atlantis; McKay/Keller, McKay/Sheppard - 31 comments
05:05 pm: dr_darth Before the Storm (The Roll of Thunder Remix) (Supernatural; Dean and Sam) - 4 comments
08:08 pm: siriusblcksbbth The Price He Pays (The Luxor Casino Inevitability Remix) [BtVS/AtS; Wesley, the last Guardian] - 24 comments
03:27 pm: ice_tealc Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust (The Pale Horse Rider Remix) [Heroes; Mohinder/Peter/Sylar; R] - 18 comments
08:16 pm: flava_page Big Name Fanon (Secret Masters of Fandom Mash-up) [DBSK; OT5] - 6 comments
09:34 pm: ice_tealc Knocking At the Door (the Things Unspoken Remix) [Torchwood, Jack Harkness, PG-13] - 10 comments
09:47 pm: ice_tealc Hard to Swallow (the Percolation Remix) [Torchwood; Ianto Jones, PG] - 6 comments
05:27 pm: jay_zelenka Matched Set (The Clothes Make the Man Remix) (ST Reboot, Chekov, PG13) - 46 comments
10:15 am: kanye_westley thanatopsis (The Little Things Remix) [SPN; Sam/Dean] - 9 comments
01:24 pm: ice_tealc Enough (The Cambiata Answer Remix) [Stargate SG-1, Jack/Daniel, G] - 10 comments
05:50 pm: soubi_smalls from this night (the enchanted remix) [DBSK; Jaejoong/Yoochun] - 8 comments
07:30 pm: j_giles_band Eternal (The Love Never Dies Remix) BTVS Vamp!Tara/Vamp!Willow implied - 14 comments
08:20 am: biz_munchee Five Lives Elizabeth Swann Never Lived (The Quantum Leap Remix) [PotC; Elizabeth/various; PG] - 7 comments
10:05 am: melle_mal Brush Up Your Shakespeare (The Wild and Whirling Words Remix) [Firefly; River, Wash; g] - 47 comments
07:40 pm: wutangfellowshp Whore (Standard's Not My Native Tongue Megamix), [Star Trek: AOS; Gaila, Uhura] - 22 comments
10:20 pm: jammasterjayne The Watcher's Play (Pushkin's Promise Demo Dub) [Harry Potter; Severus Snape/Remus Lupin] - 6 comments
07:46 am: dr_who_dre Break the ice (Torchwood; Ianto/Jack; PG) - 3 comments
08:59 am: dr_who_dre Just The Four Of Us (The Back-To-Front Big Mystical Telescope Remix), [BtVS, Buffy/Xander/Willow] - 19 comments
05:39 pm: lex_zeppelin TAKE THE KEY and LOCK HER UP (the My Fair Lady Remix) [BSG; Kara Thrace, Leoben Conoy, Kacey Brynn] - 16 comments
03:56 pm: q_tip_continuum The Anatomy of Sound (Greg House/James Wilson, R) - 15 comments
08:59 pm: flava_page Black Alley (Akabane vs. G&B Dreamtime reMaster) [GetBackers; Akabane, Ginji, Ban] - 6 comments
10:58 pm: soubi_smalls The American Dream (The Johnny Cougar Improv) [Supernatural; Dean, Sam, John] - 11 comments
11:19 pm: puff_dannyocean fic: life of the party (the drunk dial remix) (JE: KAT-TUN + Koyama Keiichiro) - 6 comments
11:27 pm: tupocalypse Persistence of Memory (The Lives of Saints Remix) [Torchwood; Martha + TW team; Canon Pairings] - 81 comments
11:30 pm: jammasterjayne Behind Clouds, Sun Shines (The Legends Remix) [Heroes; Mohinder/Sylar] - 10 comments
12:10 am: lex_zeppelin Counterpoint (Ecstasy, Fury, Revolution!) [Slings & Arrows; Geoffrey, ensemble] - 35 comments
12:21 am: ll_cool_cj 15 Entries from the Pillow Book of Alex Summers (The Bullet Point Remix)[X-Men Comics; Alex Summers] - 20 comments
12:59 am: flava_page Subject line: Family Business (The Pie Hole Remix) [Wonderfalls/Pushing Daisies, Jaye & Ned] - 7 comments
01:37 am: steelydanrydell Unsalvageable (The Hell in a Handbasket Remix) [ATS; Faith, Angel, Wesley] - 13 comments
09:12 am: axl_rose_tyler Nanshoku (The Beautiful Way Detour) [Heroes; Hiro/Ando] - 4 comments
11:34 am: jimnpam Ash and Smoke (Retrospective Remix) [Lord of the Rings; Denethor] - 33 comments
03:27 pm: grandmastrslash Pointillism (The Sunday in the Clark with Lex Remix) (SV: Clark/Lex) - 6 comments
03:48 pm: jay_zelenka The Very Secret Diary of Andrew Wells (O Captain My Captain Remix) [BtVS; Andrew, OCs] - 12 comments
04:32 pm: busta_ryoma You Sexy Thing (Not-the-Angel Is a Centerfold Remix) [BSG, ensemble] - 20 comments
04:47 pm: run_dean_mc Free Range Subjects (The Scientific Method Remix) [Merlin; Merlin/Arthur] - 13 comments
04:58 pm: grandmastrslash Title: It's A Wonderful Life (Ghosts Grown Old Remix) (Sports Night: Dan/OFC, Dan/Casey) - 12 comments
07:51 pm: ice_tealc Sirius Black, Specialising in Sexual Education (The Master Becomes the Apprentice Remix) [Harry Pott - 11 comments
10:20 pm: busta_ryoma Fire and Iron (The extra salt remix) [Yami no Matsuei; Hisoka, Oriya, Tatsumi, Tohda, Tsuzuki] - 16 comments
10:35 pm: run_dean_mc Mindful Suffering (Karma's Not Always a Bitch Remix) [Saiyuki; Sanzo] - 8 comments
11:16 pm: dmx_men Family Skeletons (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel, ensemble) - 25 comments
10:58 am: siriusblcksbbth Sixth Time's the Charm (the Sexy Osaka Remix) [JE (NEWS); Ryo/Tegoshi] - 3 comments
11:22 am: ghostface_kira No One Said It Would Be This Hard (Supernatural; Dean, Sam; pg) - 19 comments
01:48 pm: deathcab4buffy Family Documents (The Multi-Generational Remix) [SJA/Doctor Who, Sarah Jane, Luke, Ten] - 19 comments
02:52 pm: q_tip_continuum Displaced (The Stick to Your Gunn Overdub) [Angel; Gunn; G] - 11 comments
06:56 pm: jimnpam Like catching lightning (It's one in a million Remix) [Bandom/RPF; Brendon Urie/Zac Efron] - 15 comments
07:48 pm: biz_munchee Miles To Go (The Cocoa At Midnight Remix) (Harry Potter, Hermione, Draco, R) - 15 comments
09:53 pm: dr_darth Broken (Pushing Through To Tomorrow Remix) [Torchwood; Jack/Ianto] - 2 comments
10:10 pm: kool_momo_dee Normal Life (Red Raspberries Remix) [Heroes; Gabriel/Mohinder] - 20 comments
11:31 pm: j_giles_band Just Breathe (The Artifact of Vision Remix) (Stargate: Atlantis; John/Rodney, PG) - 35 comments
11:39 pm: flava_page Folding By The Numbers (A Thousand Paper Cranes Remix) (House, MD; Foreman/Thirteen) - 17 comments
12:43 am: tupocalypse Missing Hawk (The Anger Turned Sideways Remix) (M*A*S*H; Hawkeye; PG-13) - 27 comments
01:28 am: gratefulundead Straw Man (The Nu Metal Remix) [Torchwood; Ianto, Suzie] - 16 comments
02:28 am: dmx_men Saint-Seducing Gold (The Natural Minor Remix) (Dollhouse/Supernatural, PG-13) - 19 comments
10:10 am: soubi_smalls Ryan Ross the Sad Robot (the Ghost in the Machine Remix) [Bandom/RPF; Brendon/Ryan, PG] - 26 comments
11:28 am: ll_cool_cj Matters of Faith (The Ouroboros Bridge) (Babylon 5, Ivanova, PG) - 20 comments
11:30 am: q_tip_continuum Steady State (Finding Your Equilibrium Remix) (Stargate Atlantis, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, PG) - 59 comments
12:41 pm: sammyeatworld Chasing Boys (The Grown Up Extended Mix) (The Faculty; Casey/Delilah) - 1 comment
01:43 pm: biz_munchee Ye Shall Not Surely Die (The Ascension Remix) [Merlin; The Dragon/Hunith, Nimueh; PG-13] - 17 comments
02:16 pm: steelydanrydell I Never (The But Just This Once Remix) (Marvel Comics, Scott/Warren, PG-13) - 10 comments
02:54 pm: grandmastrslash Many Gifts (The Dog Star Remix) (Harry Potter; Remus/Sirius) - 6 comments
02:56 pm: biz_munchee Transitions (The Truth like the Sun Remix) [Weiß Kreuz; Sakura, Aya, Manx] - 6 comments
02:56 pm: addison_rock Interstice (the Saddle in the Rain Remix) [InuYasha; Miroku/Kikyou] - 4 comments
03:09 pm: jimnpam ...And Dream (The Thrones, Dominions Remix) [Highlander; Methos] - 6 comments
03:52 pm: ll_cool_cj Dream Lover (days I feel your twin remix) [BtVS; Willow/Willow, R] - 12 comments
04:15 pm: flava_page fic: Joy ride (the Sex Utility Vehicle remix) (Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, rating NC-17) - 4 comments
04:44 pm: axl_rose_tyler 10 Times Sarah Met, Crossed Paths With or Narrowly Avoided Martha Jones (Doctor Who; Martha, Sarah) - 8 comments
05:20 pm: kool_momo_dee One Red Thread (The Circle of Life Remix) (Farscape; Braca; Scorpius; OC) - 6 comments
05:45 pm: siriusblcksbbth Mousetrap (The Name of the Game Remix) [Farscape; Scorpius, John Crichton] - 5 comments
07:07 pm: dr_darth The Strongest (Everyone Has Off Days) [One Piece; ZoroxSanji] - 7 comments
07:21 pm: q_tip_continuum Five things Sam never knew about Jessica (the family business remix) [SPN; gen] - 19 comments
07:37 pm: kool_momo_dee Sacrifice (The Fifth Wheel Remix)(Harry Potter; Sirius/Remus, unrequited Peter/Remus) - 6 comments
08:19 pm: sammyeatworld The Tendency of History to Repeat Itself (The Time Keeps on Spinnin' Remix) [Buffy, Drusilla/Spike] - 10 comments
08:30 pm: ludakreusz Threnody [A Descant on a Requiem] Supernatural Sam and Dean - 11 comments
09:54 pm: addison_rock pause, shift, go (I yield to you) [Johnny's Entertainment; Matsumoto Jun/Kamenashi Kazuya] - 5 comments
09:58 pm: ludakreusz Thrice, Twice, Once More (The Backspin Mix) [Doctor Who: Ten, Donna] - 12 comments
10:26 pm: puff_dannyocean fic: I Am the Very Model of a Cyberpunk Librarian (Dirty Dub Mix) - 13 comments
10:36 pm: wutangfellowshp Field Lines (The Russian Invention Remix) [Star Trek XI; Pavel Chekov] - 17 comments
11:00 pm: flava_page Dark Horse (The Mona Lisa Overdub) [Stargate SG-1: Sam Carter] - 4 comments
11:01 pm: jay_zelenka And When I Think About You, It Makes Me Wanna... [Merlin; Arthur/Merlin/Morgana/Gwen] - 4 comments
11:05 pm: wyclef_jeangrey We Come and Go (The Angel in the Outfield Remix) [Harry Potter/Good Omens; Crowley, Sirius Black] - 7 comments
11:07 pm: puff_dannyocean fic: I've Information Academic, Highbrow, and Contrarian (Clean Steam Dance Mix) - 7 comments
11:11 pm: melle_mal Phoenix Descending (The Ashes to Ashes...to Ashes Remix) [Bleach; various characters] - 6 comments
11:16 pm: flava_page Men Occultus Dormiens (The Semper Titillandus Remix) [Harry Potter: Snape, Dumbledore, Voldemort] - 6 comments
11:23 pm: flava_page Seeds Like Ashes (The Toasted Skin Remix) [DBSK; Jaejoong/Junsu] - 2 comments
11:23 pm: sammyeatworld Slayer, comma, The (the face you know remix) [Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ensemble, PG] - 38 comments
11:49 pm: kanye_westley Parker's Surprise (the ladies first ladies remix) [Leverage; Sophie/Parker, Parker/Hardison, etc.] - 5 comments
11:51 pm: jimnpam WWD/DD? (What Would Doctor/Dad Do?) (Doctor Who: Jenny, Jack Harkness) - 4 comments
12:01 am: lex_zeppelin Once More With Feeling (It's Not Enough To Be A Genius Remix) [Stargate: Atlantis; John/Rodney] - 14 comments
12:06 am: jay_zelenka Homecoming (Where The Heart Is Deep Beat Mix) [SGA; Jennifer Keller] - 28 comments
12:10 am: jammasterjayne Past The Red Line(We Are All Ghosts Remix) [Battlestar Galactica/Firefly; Cally, Kayle - 22 comments
12:46 am: ghostface_kira Bitter If Steeped To Long (The Broken Orange Pekoe Remix) [BtVS, Buffy, Giles, Spike]] - 35 comments
01:01 am: jay_zelenka A Dangerous Man (The Falling Into Madness Remix) [Naruto, Kakashi/Iruka] - 5 comments
01:17 am: addison_rock Fairytale Romance (The Happy Endings Remix) (Merlin, Gwen/Merlin/Arthur/Morgana, PG-13) - 18 comments
02:21 am: kanye_westley Sundays at Nine (Slipping Through Your Fingers Remix) [Buffyverse; Kennedy/Willow] - 16 comments
04:01 am: grandmastrslash fic: Still Waters (Hypothetically Speaking Remix) (Star Trek: Reboot; canon pairings; PG) - 24 comments
04:32 am: q_tip_continuum Woodstock (Live the Music Remix) [Buffy; Spike] - 10 comments
05:29 am: dmx_men Grounded (This Is Not My Beautiful Life Mix) [Harry Potter; Ginny/Luna, Ginny/Harry] - 13 comments
08:32 am: deathcab4buffy Echoes in the Air (Pistolwhip Remix) [BtVS; Giles] - 25 comments
10:09 am: busta_ryoma fic: Logan's Infamous Canadian Sandwiches (The Young and Glorious Remix) [X-Men; Hisako, Pixie] - 22 comments
10:13 am: dangermars Carried by the Current (The Grieving Freely Remix) [House MD Greg House, Eric Foreman, James Wilson] - 23 comments
10:52 am: j_giles_band Two Heroes (Small Town Girl Remix) (LA Confidential, Lynn Bracken/Bud White, PG) - 10 comments
11:01 am: biz_munchee FIC: "Rewriting History" (The Passing Time Remix) (LOTR RPS Harry, Karl, Marton, NC-17) - 6 comments
11:12 am: snoop_doggett UNRAVELED (THE FIND YOUR WAY IN REMIX) [HOUSE, M.D.; CAMERON/HOUSE/WILSON; PG] - 21 comments
11:39 am: melle_mal Sailed on Shooting Stars (Three Weddings and a Funeral Remix) [Harry Potter, Remus/Sirius, PG-13) - 27 comments
11:50 am: sammyeatworld fic: On The Way Down (The Moving Pictures Remix) [RENT, Mark, PG-13] - 4 comments
12:05 pm: lex_zeppelin Neighborhood Spaceman (Teen Spirit on Wax) [Farscape; Chiana/John Crichton] - 12 comments
12:18 pm: ll_cool_cj There Was a Time (the Waltzing Remix) (Dead Like Me; George, Daisy, Joy; gen; PG-13) - 4 comments
12:40 pm: wyclef_jeangrey Jo (The Brewed Under a Bad Sign Remix) [Supernatural; Jo] - 10 comments
12:57 pm: puff_dannyocean Fic: The More Things Change (Blue-Eyed Boy Remix) (X-Men Movieverse, Pietro, PG) - 2 comments
01:13 pm: axl_rose_tyler Prism (Falling Feather Extended Jam) [Supernatural/Firefly: Castiel, Mal, Dean, Firefly ensemble] - 39 comments
01:40 pm: jimnpam Reconsidering the day (the generations of ink remix) - 9 comments
02:17 pm: axl_rose_tyler Narandam (The Silver Street Remix) [SPN; gen] - 14 comments
02:33 pm: q_tip_continuum Finders Keepers (Sin Crouching at the Door Extended Remix (SPN, Sam/Dean, NC-17) 1/2
02:59 pm: flava_page Fic: Its Own Appointed Limits Keep (The Music of the Voice Remix) [The Little Mermaid; Eric/Ariel] - 7 comments
03:06 pm: jammasterjayne Nothing is Right (The It's Time To Stop Remix) (Fairy Tales (trad) , Anmaryse) - 11 comments
03:08 pm: dr_who_dre No Pray'r Accepted, No Wish Resigned (Choosing the Encumbered Again) [Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, PG] - 15 comments
03:34 pm: ghostface_kira A Sympathetic Ear (Last Assignment Remix) (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Xander Harris, Anya Jenkins) - 4 comments
03:35 pm: q_tip_continuum Finders Keepers (Sin Crouching at the Door Extended Remix (SPN, Sam/Dean, NC-17) 2/2 - 43 comments
03:52 pm: kanye_westley Clouds on a Clear Night (Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, PG13) - 16 comments
04:07 pm: deathcab4buffy Sixty Days is a Long Time (The Sexbomb Remix) [Grey’s Anatomy; Derek/Mark] - 4 comments
04:07 pm: axl_rose_tyler The Ballad of Mark and Roger (Punk Rock Refrain) [RENT; Mark/Roger] - 4 comments
04:08 pm: dangermars You're Lucky, Lucky, You're So Lucky! (Or Are You? Remix) [Bandom; Pete/Patrick] - 11 comments
04:09 pm: axl_rose_tyler Living in Today (the Waiting for Tomorrow Remix) (Stargate: SG-1; Jack/Daniel, PG) - 4 comments
04:23 pm: dmx_men The Seeds of Betrayal (the Harold Pinter Remix) [House, MD; Greg House, James Wilson, Julie Wilson] - 15 comments
04:26 pm: melle_mal Steps on the Slow Path (The Brokedown Dancebeat Remix) [Doctor Who; Doctor/Reinette, PG] - 21 comments
04:30 pm: axl_rose_tyler The Stolen Formula (One's Backfire, Three's Gunplay Remix) [Heroes; Gabriel/Mohinder] - 3 comments
04:45 pm: ice_tealc Plain White Tee (The Three Musketeers' Remix) [Stargate:Atlantis; McKay/Sheppard; PG] - 11 comments
05:02 pm: jay_zelenka Three Kisses Jo Never Saw Coming (World Enough and Time Remix) [Supernatural; Sam/Jo, Dean/Sam] - 8 comments
05:16 pm: lex_zeppelin What If We Went To Italy (The Libaremente Remix) [DBSK; Jaejoong/Yunho] - 4 comments
05:22 pm: jay_zelenka Warm Strangers (The Next of Kin Remix) [Supernatural; Bobby Singer] - 64 comments
05:29 pm: biz_munchee Cantando More (The Ode to Sheppard’s Cock Remix) (Stargate: Atlantis, Katak/Sheppard, NC-17) - 51 comments
05:47 pm: sammyeatworld fic: pining for the fjords (the oxmyx mix) (popslash, jc/lance, chris/justin) - 8 comments
06:01 pm: run_dean_mc Fever Dreams (The Five Times Remix) [Good Omens, Aziraphale/Crowley, R] - 63 comments
06:46 pm: jimnpam Mice and Men (The Best Laid Plans Remix) [Harry Potter; Tom Riddle] - 7 comments
07:00 pm: wyclef_jeangrey Afterthought (Selected Writings on Tremors and Other Natural Phenomenon, a Remix) [Firefly; Zoe] - 3 comments
07:06 pm: ghostface_kira Suddenly a Small Fish (The Great Big Pond Remix) [Doctor Who; The Doctor (Ninth), The Brigadier] - 8 comments
07:24 pm: jimnpam Commonplace (The Conventional Remix) (Buffy; Buffy/Spike, PG) - 8 comments
07:34 pm: dr_who_dre Fragments of: Some Autobiographical Notes... (the Picaresque Remix) [PotC; OC, ensemble] - 6 comments
07:36 pm: dr_who_dre Spare Parts (the Coincidence Happens Twice Remix) [Supernatural/Firefly, Dean/Kaylee] - 26 comments
08:07 pm: snoop_doggett Brightness (Extraordinary Holiday Remix) [Good Omens; Aziraphale/Crowley] - 16 comments
08:13 pm: wyclef_jeangrey stretch on forever (the no regrets remix) [Star Wars, Obi-Wan, PG] - 14 comments
08:16 pm: puff_dannyocean A Romance In Five Scenes (The So Much More Than Arithmatic Remix) [Bandom/RPF; Brendon/Jon] - 3 comments
08:42 pm: gratefulundead Until the End of the World (Five Minutes to Midnight Remix) [due South; Fraser/Kowalski; PG] - 19 comments
08:42 pm: axl_rose_tyler Anti-Sex (It Comes Around remix) [My Chemical Romance; Frank/Gerard] - 26 comments
08:47 pm: dr_who_dre Postcards from the Edge (Three Chord Overdub) [BtVS; Oz] - 11 comments
08:54 pm: q_tip_continuum Burn like a fire in the cold [The Smiles We Left Behind Remix] [Farscape; John Crichton] - 3 comments
09:09 pm: grandmastrslash Grace (Let Down Your Hair Mix) [Supernatural, Anna Milton, Dean/Anna] - 26 comments
09:34 pm: tupocalypse Dragon Wars: D-War (Realistic Projection Remix) [Battlestar Galactica; Ensemble] - 24 comments
09:51 pm: j_giles_band Imperfect Contrition (the "Skeletons in the Closet" Remix) 1/2 [X-men AU; Original Five]
09:58 pm: j_giles_band Imperfect Contrition (the "Skeletons in the Closet" Remix) 2/2 [X-men AU; Original Five] - 29 comments
09:59 pm: steelydanrydell Echoes of the Past (The Holographic Businesswoman Remix) [Firefly/Dollhouse; Adelle DeWitt] - 8 comments
10:03 pm: steelydanrydell Five dances Jack never had, and one he did (The One, Even If Not Only Remix) [Torchwood; Ianto/Jack] - 5 comments
10:05 pm: j_giles_band The Job (The I Feel Like I've Been Here Before Remix) [Bandom; Jon Walker and Ryan Ross; Gen] - 4 comments
10:19 pm: gratefulundead Me Desculpa (No Regrets Mix)
10:19 pm: tupocalypse Dreams (The We're All a Little Canine Inside Remix) [Harry Potter; Sirius/Remus] - 10 comments
10:20 pm: melle_mal Finding the Perfect Moment (The Don't Bring Chocolates Remix) [DBSK; yunho/jaejoong] - 14 comments
10:24 pm: busta_ryoma (Nothing's Fair At) The End Of The World (One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Remix) [Supernatural; gen] - 8 comments
10:42 pm: dr_who_dre Addicted to Blood (the Open Wounds Radio Edit) (Harry Potter; Black sisters and partners; R) - 14 comments
10:42 pm: addison_rock Like an Onion Inside Out (The Doctor, the Queen, and the TARDIS Remix) (Narnia & Doctor Who; PG-13) - 42 comments
10:47 pm: sammyeatworld External Factors (The Fallen Bathrobe Remix) [due South; Fraser/Kowalski] - 17 comments
10:51 pm: jay_zelenka Preventative Maintenance (Yet Another Bad Night) [Heroes; Peter/Adam] - 3 comments
11:01 pm: dmx_men Check With the Sun (Sticking to the Lowest Rung Remix) [House, M.D.; Gregory House, James Wilson] - 19 comments
11:10 pm: puff_dannyocean The Logical Thing (The Kick in the Pants Remix) [Star Trek: The Original Series, Spock/Chapel - 3 comments
11:12 pm: wutangfellowshp Lickety Spit (the Tootsie Pop Remix) [Farscape; John/Aeryn] - 8 comments
11:19 pm: dmx_men Fic: Investigations (The Everybody Has a Doppelganger Remix) [Dexter/Angel; Dexter, Kate; PG] - 8 comments
11:28 pm: addison_rock What Do You Hear in These Sounds? (The Wall Came Down Remix) [w-inds.; Ryohei/Keita/Ryuichi; R] - 6 comments
11:40 pm: wutangfellowshp the subterraneans (the tall tales and legends remix) [Stargate Atlantis gen] - 9 comments
11:41 pm: addison_rock This is the Night Akanishi Jin Dies (The Waiting Waiting Waiting Remix) [JE; Tomapi] - 8 comments
11:46 pm: ghostface_kira Rules of Engagement (A Pity Beyond All Telling Mix) [Stargate: SG1; Sam, Jack, Daniel, Teal'c] - 5 comments
11:55 pm: flava_page Threads (The Fabric of Our Lives Remix) [Firefly; Simon, River] - 3 comments
11:59 pm: kanye_westley fic: Art Appreciation (Boxed Wine and Crackers Remix) (Smallville, Lex/Clark, PG) - 29 comments
12:02 am: jay_zelenka Nothin’ Else Matters in this Whole Wide World (the Jersey Shore Remix) (House MD; The Wilsons) - 22 comments
12:03 am: biz_munchee Of Cheek-Gnawing and Leg-Pasting (The Caffè Espresso Remix) [DBSK; Yunho/Changmin, Jaejoong/Yoochun] - 22 comments
12:07 am: gratefulundead Separation Anxiety (The Zombie Apocalypse Remix) (Supernatural and Bandom; PG-13) - 19 comments
12:27 am: ghostface_kira One Minute at a Time (Blast from the Past Remix) (Supernatural; Sam and Dean; pg) - 14 comments
12:27 am: grandmastrslash Swing Low, Sweet GPS (The Highway through the Rabbit Hole Remix) [SPN; Dean/Sam] - 5 comments
12:32 am: q_tip_continuum fic: In Discord and Rhyme (the Failure of Faith remix) (Harry Potter, Hermione/Draco) - 3 comments
12:35 am: ice_tealc Secrets and Lies (The Ignorance is Bliss Remix) [Harry Potter; Sirius/Remus] - 14 comments
01:21 am: lex_zeppelin Leopards Have Great Balance (the fair and balanced remix) [Supernatural; Sam/Dean] - 6 comments
01:50 am: jimnpam After All (Dying Whispers, Desperate Murmurs Remix) [Supernatural; Jess/Sam] - 5 comments
01:59 am: ludakreusz Hormones, Alcohol ... (The Twelve-Step Program Remix) [Merlin BBC; Gwen/Morgana, Merlin/Arthur] - 20 comments
02:28 am: kanye_westley Headline 〜Luv In The Tabloids mix〜 [DBSK; OT5] - 6 comments
02:46 am: dangermars Endsong, End of Line. (Sights of the Hybrid Sun Remix) [BSG; Sam Anders/Kara Thrace] - 10 comments
05:56 am: ice_tealc Abandon Hope (the Mary Quite Contrary remix) [Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Drusilla] - 22 comments
09:34 am: lex_zeppelin Congrats, You've Met Your Match (The Space Captain Remix) [Star Trek XI/Stargate Atlantis] - 153 comments
09:35 am: axl_rose_tyler Salvaged (The Back in Black Remix) (Supernatural, Dean & Sam, PG-13) - 22 comments
10:06 am: run_dean_mc the way back to grace (moving on, moving up) [His Dark Materials, Lyra/Will] - 16 comments
11:32 am: run_dean_mc Drive Away the Dark of Doubt (The Song of Life Remix) [Harry Potter; Remus Lupin/Sirius Black] - 15 comments
02:22 pm: melle_mal They Did What? (The Dark Mark Remix) [Harry Potter; Draco and Others] - 8 comments
09:36 pm: kanye_westley Improbability (The Dead Man Talking Remix) [Harry Potter; Fred, Fabian, Ginny, Lily] - 12 comments
10:07 pm: grandmastrslash A Rude Reality (The Alternate Perspective Remix) [Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar] - 14 comments
10:15 pm: snoop_doggett Hold On Tight (Sweetness and Power Remix) [Firefly: Kaylee/Inara] - 5 comments
10:21 pm: melle_mal "Ceremony (The Companionship Remix)" [Firefly; River/Inara] - 10 comments
11:32 pm: steelydanrydell Paradise is an Island... (The Three Sparks Waltz Remix) [Yami no Matsuei; Hisoka/Tsuzuki/Muraki] - 11 comments
12:50 am: melle_mal Battle (Cast Out the Shadows Mix) [Doctor Who, Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler] - 5 comments
03:43 am: ll_cool_cj Title: Jack is Smarter than he Looks {Newsies, Spot/Jack} - 4 comments
03:44 am: dr_darth The Gospel of Robert Singer (The Heavenly Choir Remix) [Supernatural; Bobby, Sam, Dean, John] - 17 comments
11:15 am: dangermars Placebo Effect (the Call Someone Who Cares Remix) [Supernatural; Sam] - 6 comments
01:09 pm: jay_zelenka Not Proper (Chinese Boxes remix) [Peter Pan, George Darling/Captain Hook] - 33 comments
04:18 pm: j_giles_band The Path of Thorns (Demon Girl Remix) (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Giles/Anya, PG-13) - 18 comments
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10:53 pm: kool_momo_dee partial uneven chaos (the fiery crash remix) [Harry Potter, Ginny, gen] - 10 comments
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01:14 am: ll_cool_cj The Hubbert Curve (And all the robins bring remix) [Dark Angel, Max/Alec, R] - 16 comments
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02:07 am: wutangfellowshp Plus Ça Change (The Everything Old Is New Again remix)[Star Trek reboot x TOS, McCoy, Spock'] - 6 comments
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08:38 pm: steelydanrydell Double Vision (The Fight or Flight Remix) (Stargate Atlantis; John Sheppard) - 29 comments
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11:21 pm: tupocalypse of fallen angels across the ceiling (the click your heels three times remix) [BSG; Kara Thrace; G] - 12 comments
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