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Title: Lilac Seasons (The Land of Dreams Remix)
Author: minnow_53
Summary: Remus and Tonks have been referred for relationship counselling by Tonks’s mother.
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Harry Potter
Genre: AU
Title, Author and URL of original story: No Blinding Light by justholdstill.
Notes: Many thanks to westwardlee and asterie_smiles for reading through.

They were a rather unusual couple...Collapse )
Title: Living the Creevey Life (The Fallen Leaves Remix)
Author: hereticalvision
Summary: Robert Creevey doesn't really have dreams any more
Rating: PG
Fandom: Harry Potter
Spoilers and/or Warnings: Deals with canon character death
Title, Author and URL of original story: Living the Creevey Life by nopejr, http://nopespace.com/hp3/ltcl.htm

Living the Creevey LifeCollapse )